ERC1155 Items to be used on the game
Castle Items is a ERC1155 collection of NFTs that can be used in the CastleVerse game.


Items can be obtained by Forging different consumables or items into new items.
For example: A piece of Wood and Iron can be combined to craft a Sword.
Once forged the sword will have a Power attribute that will range between 1 to 100. The power determines the quality of the object, a higher power will give better in game stats.
For example: Sword 1 power gives +3 to strength, sword with 100 power gives +15 to strength.


Recipes determine the requirements for a new forged item. Recipes are soulbound tokens that allow players to forge different items. Recipes can also be obtained on the shop.
Example recipe: Magical Sword: Combine a Sword and a Spell book to produce a magical sword.


Reforging can be done in the blacksmith, and the goal is to increase the power of an item. To do so, players must submit their item + RUBY, there will be a chance that the power of the item increases and a small chance that the item is broken.