Castle Protocol Phased Launch

List of things that need to be built.
  • Launching of RUBY
  • Launch of CastleDAO profiles
  • Launch of NFT staking
    • Castles, generals and defiheroes will be able to be staked to mint new RUBY
  • Launch of the battle Staking contract where players stake ruby that can be used for battles (in ideation)
    • Stake Ruby for battles
    • Stake Consumables for battles
    • Stake Warriors / NFTs to be used in your decks
    • Stake Items to be used in battles
  • Launch of the on-chain / off-chain bridging gate (in ideation)
    • This gate will allow people to play offchain battles without spending fees.
    • User's deposited RUBY will be gRUBY (in game ruby) that can be bridged in and out of the game
  • Launch of the Great Vault
    • The Great Vault accrues protocol fees to be distributed later.
  • ERC1155 Consumables Consumables
    • Consumables are obtained after a fight or purchased with RUBY on the blacksmith
    • Users need to send the consumables into the fight contract in order to be able to be used for fights
  • Consumables Shop Contract:
    • Allows the purchase of ERC1155 consumables with RUBY
    • Allows minting consumables after a battle, if the game system generated a key that is used as a reward.
  • ERC1155 Items Items
    • Items can be equiped on warriors for fights. It replaces the current item system.
  • Forge Contract
    • Items can be forged on the blacksmith by burning consumables and RUBY.
      • Example: 1 Parchment + 1 Poison Vial = SPELL BOOK OF POISON
      • Example: 1 Wood + 1 Iron bar = 1 SWORD
    • Different items can be combined to generate higher power items.
      • Example: 1 SWORD + 1 Spell Book = MAGIC SWORD
      • Example: 1 SWORD + 1 SWORD = EPIC SWORD
    • All the forge actions will require burning RUBY in the process or sending it to the great vault
  • Launch of RUBY staking.
    • Stakers of RUBY earn rewards from the protocol
    • Rewards are emitted from:
      • Fights
      • Forging
      • Purchasing consumables
      • Purchasing Warriors
  • Launch of Smol Brawlers
    • More details in the future