Partnerships & Collaborations

Integrating your collection in CastleVerse
TLDR: Different integration tiers
  • Fighting Game: Your collection can be added to the CastleVerse game, allowing NFT owners to have a direct use case.
  • Staking: Your collection can be staked in exchange for RUBY rewards.
  • NFT Burning: We can implement several mechanisms to burn your ERC721, ERC1155, or ERC20 tokens in exchange for Castle items or other NFTs.
  • Diamond: Custom staking / ERC20 and lock mechanism adapted to your collection. (Contact us)

Integration Level 1: Fighting Game

Your NFT collection will have a direct use case that will not require work from your side. It will be able to be used to play the fighting game.
As of today, more than 20 collections have been added as playable warriors.
Integrated collections
In order for your collection to be integrated in CastleVerse, we request a reward from 3 to 9 NFTs of your collection that will be given out to players of the game on the monthly leaderboard.
Adventurers of the Void (REALM) Integrated Collection

Integration Level 2: Staking

Your NFT collection can be added to Castle Protocol staking rewards. Staking will allow your users to lock their NFTs for determined periods of time and in exchange earn RUBY rewards. Since this incurs into an inflationary mechanism of RUBY, this level of integration would require incentives for RUBY stakers.

NFT Burning

We can give use cases for your ERC1155, ERC721 and ERC20 tokens like being burned in exchange for Castle items or other NFTs. Please contact us for exploring this option, we are open to ideas.

Custom integration

Anything is possible. Contact us.