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Welcome to SoM

SoM is a play-to-earn game that allows players to stake NFTs and earn RUBY tokens. Every warrior in SoM has its own unique abilities and strengths that can be used to defeat other players in battle. Players can earn RUBY tokens by staking NFTs, winning battles, and achieving certain milestones in the game. RUBY tokens can be used to purchase booster packs containing random Castledao warriors to add to your deck. The RUBY token is partially burned and partially sent to stakers, and RUBY stakers can earn additional rewards from game fees.

SoM is the flagship game developed by CastleDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to building blockchain games. As a DAO, CastleDAO is community-driven and focused on creating a fair and decentralized gaming experience. In the future, CastleVerse plans to develop new game modes and features to expand the CastleVerse universe. The CastleVerse team is committed to ensuring that the game is always evolving and growing, with new content and experiences for players to enjoy.

The game can be accessed on the following website: https://slayersofmoloch.com/


Welcome General! In this game, your goal is to protect your land and battle against enemies using NFTs (non-fungible tokens). These tokens represent powerful warriors, each with their own unique art, abilities, and attributes. You can find a variety of NFT collections in the blacksmith, including Castles, Generals, DefiHeroes, and SmolBrawlers. Some of these collections can be minted for free, while others require ETH, $MAGIC or RUBY.

To train your warriors and improve their attributes, visit the "Training" section of the map. Here, you can send your Generals and DefiHeroes on quests to gain experience, which can be used to level up their stats.

To participate in battles, you'll need to create a deck using a combination of NFTs from the various collections available. There are three game modes to choose from: Classic, Modern, and Tower. Classic mode requires a Castle and a General, while Modern mode allows for any combination of NFTs or demo warriors. To create your deck, select the required number of warriors from the available collections, taking into consideration their attributes and abilities.

The Map

Generals need some NFTs to fight against each other and determine who is the bravest of all.

Luckily, in the blacksmith there are some Free Mints that you can have to get started or remember, you can also invoke many of our integrated collections.

The Blacksmith

In the blacksmith you will find our different collections:

  • Castles

  • Generals

  • DefiHeroes

  • SmolBrawlers

  • Items & Consumables

All of our collections have interesting powers and abilities that are relevant to the Castleverse game.

All of them have unique artworks, strength, speed, abilities and other attributes that we will see later on.

In the blacksmith you can invoke our collections, some of them are free to mint and others cost some ETH / RUBY or $MAGIC.


Generals and DefiHeroes have some attributes that live on-chain, meaning that their power stays with them forever.

You can level up your Generals and DefiHeroes on the "Training" section of the map.

Each of these warriors can go on a quest every 24 hours, and then use the experience to level up all their attributes by one. Once they reach the Max level, your generals / defiheroes will gain an aura of power.

Bank / Staking / Ruby

In the bank you will be able to stake different NFTs and claim daily RUBY emissions. RUBY can be used to purchase other NFTs, pay for fights or be staked.

Fighting / Deck building

Fighting is the core activity of the CastleVerse. You defend yourself and attack other players in the search of glory, epicness and RUBY or MAGIC.

To fight you need to create your army in the shape of a Deck. Decks hold warriors and different items to boost their power.

Powerful generals become glorified on the Leaderboard, where rewards are earned.

How to Create a Deck?

If you want to start battling, you will need to create a deck. Decks hold your warriors and determine your fighting strategy.

Visit the "My Decks" section and choose one of the gaming modes.

  • Classic

  • Modern

  • Tower

Each game mode requires a different combination of cards. To play Classic you will need to own a Castle and a General. But in Modern you can play with any combination of NFTs Warriors.

To create your deck, select the required number of Warriors (NFTs) from any of the different collections integrated in Castleverse.

Each collection and warrior have different Attributes. Those attributes are determined by each collection, rarity and other factors decided during the integration of the collection.

What are the Different Warrior Attributes?

The following is a explanation of what each attribute means:

  • Constitution: Indicates the health points of the warrior (multiplied by 20)

  • Strength: Physical damage of the warrior

  • Agility: Probability to dodge and probability of critical hit

  • Defense: Block Damage based on a 100% probability

  • Ability Power: Increases modifiers of abilities by a percentage

  • Speed: Speed determines the order of attack, faster warriors attack first

  • Magic Resistance: Diminishes Effects of abilities by percentage

  • Intelligence: Increases mana regeneration. Spells are cast at 10 mana.

To boost your warriors you can add items to each of them by clicking on "manage items". Each warrior has a certain capacity (amount of weight they can carry). You will be able to select items until you reach the maximum capacity.

Items will give your warriors additional boosts and abilities.

Abilities & Combat game phases

To learn more about the different abilities and fight phases, take a look at the Abilities and passive abilities and the Combat Phases pages.


Each player has a limited inventory where they can store different ERC1155 tokens (items and consumables) acquired in the game. In order to increase the inventory size, users can burn RUBY tokens in exchange for more room. Inventories can be traded, and they hold different items inside.

Using Consumables

At the beginning of each fight, players are able to submit some items from their inventory to the combat contract. Those items will be burned on that fight and will boost their deck, allowing them to increase their fighting skills.

Consumables can also be purchased at the blacksmith or earned after a fight.

Leaderboard (Epic/Saga points & Challenges)

Each time a player wins a combat on Classic / Modern he or she earns 1 saga or legend points. The more points you accumulate, the higher in the leaderboard you will appear.

Players in the top 3 can be challenged by any other player and some of their saga/legend points can be taken away.

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