Abilities and passive abilities

This page gives an overview of the different abilities and game phases.


Abilities are cast at the beginning of the turn. In order to be able to cast an ability the warrior needs to reach 10 mana points. Each warrior can cast one ability and then their mana goes back to 0.
This is a list of the current game abilities:
  • blind: Disable attack and dodge on an enemy for 2 turns
  • freeze: Disables attack, dodge, mana generation and spell casting on an enemy for 1 turn
  • manaFreeze: Disables mana generation on an enemy for two turns
  • energyWave: Deals 10 magic damage to all enemies. Scales with ability power
  • encourage: Increases Strength by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns
  • fast: Increase Speed by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns
  • weaken: Reduce defense by 50% on a random enemy for 2 turns
  • slow: Reduces speed by 50% on a random enemy for 2 turns
  • magic: Increases Intelligence by 100% on all allies for 3 turns
  • poison: Poisons one enemy, reducing constitution by 10% each turn for 3 turns
  • fire: Hits an enemy with fire, reducing constitution by 5%
  • hulk: Increases Constitution by 100% on the caster for 3 turns
  • heal: Heals a random ally for 20% of their base health
  • blessing: Heals all allies for 5% of their base health
  • openWounds: Disables healing for 4 turns and reduces constitution by 3% per turn on a random enemy
  • lightning: Deals 20 magic damage directly to the target
  • manaBurn: Burns the mana of an eneny and applies the mana amount as magical damage. Ignores magic resistance
  • bite: Bites an enemy reducing their defense and magic resistance by 5
  • diamond: Increases Defense by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns
  • assassin: Increases Agility by 120% on a random ally for 3 turns

Passive Abilities

Some warriors have special passive abilities that are always active.
  • DoubleAttack: Has 30% chance to attack 2 times
  • DoubleCast: Casts spells 2 times
  • Revive: Come back to life after dying for the first time.
  • Nurture: Each turn it gains 0.5 on each trait
  • LifeSteal: Returns 30% of the physical damage done as life
  • SpellVamp: Returns 30% of the magical damage done as life
  • ArmorPenetration: Ignores 50% of the armor of the target