What is CastleDAO / CastleVerse / Castle Protocol?

Disclaimer: CastleDAO aims to bring entertainment for Arbitrum players and anything here is not an investment / financial advice.


What is Slayers of Moloch?

Slayers of Moloch (SoM) is a decentralized play-to-earn game that allows players to stake NFTs and earn RUBY tokens. Every warrior in SoM has their own unique abilities and strengths that can be used to defeat other players in battle. Players can earn RUBY tokens by staking NFTs, winning battles, and achieving certain milestones in the game. RUBY tokens can be used to purchase booster packs containing random Castledao warriors to add to your deck. The RUBY token is partially burned and partially sent to stakers, and RUBY stakers can earn additional rewards from game fees.

What is Castle Protocol?

Castle protocol is a set of smart contracts on the Arbitrum blockchain that dictate the emissions / rules of RUBY token, NFT staking, NFTs, items and more.

What is the CastleVerse?

The CastleVerse is the universe where the Lore of Slayers of Moloch takes place. To learn more about our Lore, go to Lore.

When did all of this get started?

CastlesArbiGenOne (Castles) was the first NFT launched on Arbitrum, back in September 2021. Inspired by Loot Project, Card Collecting Games (CCG) like Magic the Gathering and auto-battle systems like TFT.

Since then, CastleDAO has been focused on building a game that integrated different collections from Arbitrum and Ethereum Mainnet into the game, and rewarded players with additional NFTs or $MAGIC tokens. The initial game, called also CastleDAO, has been an off-chain game that focused on free gameplay with on-chain rewards. On 2023 the focus moved to different goals, like the launch of the CastleDAO protocol and moving the game to be more on-chain. To know more, check our Castle Protocol Phased Launch page.

Tokenomics & Contracts


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