👊Combat Phases

The game is an auto-battling system, that is composed of turns. The game will run until one player is defeated or the maximum number of turns passed (100).

Each turn is split into different phases:

Clear effects

Removes effects from cards, such as poison, fire, etc, that have expired.

Add mana

Each warrior adds mana based on their Intelligence

Cast Spells

  • Each warrior casts spells if their mana reached 10 points. The order of the casting is determined by the speed of the warrior.

  • A warrior's ability increases the effect of the spell.

  • A warrior magic resistance decreases the effect of direct damage spells received


  • Each warrior that is capable of attacking, will perform an attack on a random enemy. The order of the attacks is determined by the speed of the warrior.

  • An attack can be dodged if the agility of the enemy is high.

  • An attack can be critical if the agility of the attacker is high.

  • Some warriors will have passive abilities like Double Attack or Life Steal that can alter the number of the attacks or the effects produced. Every time a warrior takes a hit, it will increase the amount of mana they have.

  • A warrior dies when their life reaches 0. Their total life is determined by its constitution.

  • A high defense will block damage from attacks.

The winner will be decided once one player loses all their warriors.

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