CastleDAO Profile

A profile that always goes with you
The CastleDAO profile is a Soulbound token that is limited to one per address.
This profile holds relevant data about your progress in CastleVerse:
  • Name tag: Your CastleDAO name tag, unique
  • Image: Your PFP
  • Crafting Skill: Allows for better chances on the forge
  • Mining Skill: Increases mining rewards
  • Won battles: Record history of won battles in the CastleVerse
  • Badges: List of historical CastleVerse badges:
    • Castle owner
    • General owner
    • Defi hero owner
    • Podium Classic
    • Podium Modern
    • King of the tower
    • Miner LVL 1 / 10 / 20
    • Crafter LVL 1 / 10 / 20
  • XP: XP earned through different CastleVerse quests
  • Inventory: Max size of items that your account can carry.
    • Inventory can be increased spending RUBY
Profiles are on-chain, and all the badges have to be claimed by players manually.
CastleDAO profiles can be "unlocked" and become tradable by paying a fee in $MAGIC or ETH to the Great Vault. When profiles are traded, they lose all the badges.